CigarChat Episode 250 - Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars

June 23, 2017

This week we're joined by Omar de Frias, of Fratello Cigars. We talk the Fratello line, NASA, IPCPR and much more!


CigarChat Episode 249 - Jack Torano of Torano Cigars

June 9, 2017

This week we're joined by Jack Torano, of Torano Cigars with General Cigar Co.


CigarChat Episode 248 - Rick Rodriguez of CAO and General Cigar

June 2, 2017

This week we're joined by Rick Rodriguez, Master Blender and CAO Ambassador for General Cigar Co.


CigarChat Episode 247 - Matt Booth of Room101 Brand

May 26, 2017

This week we're joined by Matt Booth of Room101 Brand.
We'll talk about his time in the cigar industry, along with his jeweler collection, and The Scent of Struggle tour.


CigarChat Episode 246 - Victor Vitale of Legacy Brands

May 19, 2017

This week we're joined by Victor Vitale of Legacy Brands. We'll talk about his Tortuga brand, as well as the Ora Vivo, a partnership with actor and lifelong cigar smoker Armand Asante.


CigarChat Episode 245 - Mo Maali of Patina Cigars

May 12, 2017
This week we're joined by  Mo Maali, Owner of Patina Cigars and National Sales Manager for Mombacho Cigars.

CigarChat Episode 244 - Andrew Wood of Tabacos Mundial

May 8, 2017

Logan and Tripp sit down with Andrew Wood of Tabacos Mundial to talk about his brand as well as details on the FDA legislation.


CigarChat Episode 243 - Phil Zanghi of Debonaire Cigars & Indian Motorcycle Cigars

April 28, 2017

This week we're joined by Phil Zanghi of Debonaire Cigars and Indian Motorcycle Cigars. 


CigarChat Episode 242 - Jon Huber of Crowned Heads

April 26, 2017

This week we're joined by Jon Huber from Crowned Heads Cigars! Jon talks about his 2016 projects, 2017 projects, the TAA meeting from March, and the upcoming IPCPR.


CigarChat Episode 240 - Robert Holt of Southern Draw Cigars

March 31, 2017

This week we're joined by Robert Holt from Southern Draw Cigars!


CigarChat Episode 239 - General Cigar Co. Media Trip To Dominican Republic

February 10, 2017

Logan and Jerad are back from the General Cigar Co. media trip in the Dominican Republic. They dish out the juicy details of their adventures in the DR.


CigarChat Episode 238 - Puro Sabor

January 27, 2017

Tripp joins Surgeon and Logan to recount his experience at the 6th annual Puro Sabor festival in Nicaragua.


CigarChat Episode 237 - Rant Edition

January 13, 2017

On this episode of CigarChat Surgeon and Logan talk about bad places to smoke. Surgeon rants about some of the recent dissing of blogger top cigar lists. Logan disses Surgeon's top cigar list from 25 all the way down to 1.


CigarChat Episode 236 - End of 2016 Edition

December 23, 2016

Logan and Surgeon sit down to reflect and reminisce on 2016. They talk about some of the major happenings from the year, and what 2017 might look like.


CigarChat Episode 235 - Steve Saka Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust

December 9, 2016

Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust joins CigarChat. 


CigarChat Episode 234 - The Throw Down Show

December 2, 2016

Tune in for a special addition of CigarChat where we will be announcing the winner of the CigFed/Reddit Throw Down! Special guest An from Reddit and CigFed joins the show.


CigarChat Episode 233 - Robby’s Farewell Show

November 11, 2016

Tonight we say goodbye to CigarChat co-founder RobbyRas!  


CigarChat Episode 232 - John & Logan Behind the Industry Curtains

November 4, 2016

Surgeon sits in for Rob and sits down with Logan to talk Behind the Industry Curtain. Some big breaking news dropped at the end of this episode.


CigarChat Episode 231 - Rob & Logan The Hour of Honesty

October 28, 2016
Rob and Logan sit down to shoot the breeze, and bring Surgeon along to boot.

Sharing Our Pairings Episode 89 - Spotlight on Recluse 2.0

October 27, 2016
Surgeon and Rob sit down with another Recluse Amadeus lancero, but this time its the Connecticut Shade!

Surgeon is pairing a Recluse Amadeus Connecticut Shade Lancero with:
  • La Divine Comedie by Le Trou du Diable
  • Amrut Single Malt Whisky
  • Pinner Throwback IPA by Oskar Blues Brewery
Rob is pairing a Recluse Amadeus Connecticut Shade Lancero with:
  • Blazing World - Modern Times Brewing
  • Epic Pilsner - Sufferfest Beer Company
  • Tomatin 1993 Single Cask

CigarChat Episode 230 - Black Label Trading Co

October 19, 2016

Logan and Rob bring James Brown of BLTC on to the show to talk about a special project!

Update: Previous upload was somehow cut off at the 30 minute mark. This episode has been fixed!

CigarChat Episode 229 - Recluse Cigars

October 14, 2016

Scoot Weeks of Recluse Cigars will join the show and take on all of your questions.


CigarChat Episode 228 - Southern Draw Cigars

October 7, 2016
Robert Holt of Southern Draw Cigars will sit down with Rob (no Logan!!!) to talk about the past, present and future of Southern Draw Cigars Cigars.
Robert will also take on all of your questions.

CigarChat Episode 227 - Jon Huber

September 21, 2016
Tonight we talk about the past, present and future of Crowned Heads cigars with Jon Huber.

CigarChat Episode 226 - Erik Espinosa

September 16, 2016

Erik Espinosa of Espinosa Cigars sits down with John and Logan to talk about the past, present and future of Espinosa Cigars.


CigarChat Episode 225 - Manolo Quesada

September 9, 2016

Manolo will tell us all about the past, present and future of Quesada Cigars. Surgeon guest co-hosts for Rob.


CigarChat Episode 224 - Rob And Logan

September 2, 2016

Our monthly installment of the Rob and Logan show should be a fun one.


CigarChat Episode 223 - Ezra Zion Cigars

August 19, 2016

Logan sits down with Chris and Kyle from Ezra Zion to talk about all things EZ! Download the Ezra Zion app!


CigarChat Episode 222 - Nick Melillo of Foundation Cigars

August 12, 2016

Nick will tell us all about the new Tabernacle, Charter Oak and the Upsetters. 


CigarChat Episode 221 - IPCPR Recap Show

August 5, 2016
This week we'll take a look back at the craziness that was IPCPR 2016!
Cigar media members Cigar-Coop, Cigar Vixen, Cigar Craig, Stogie Review, Cigar Dojo and Developing Palates will join us to talk about all the highs and the lows of the show.

CigarChat Episode 220 - Save The Leaf & IPCPR

July 22, 2016

Consider this our IPCPR Pre-game show.  The fellas from Save the Leaf will join us with some insight on their mission.  Logan, John, maybe Jerad, and I will talk about the upcoming trade show and how we plan to survive the onslaught of cigar releases.


CigarChat Episode 219 - Cornelius & Anthony Cigars

July 15, 2016

Steven Bailey of Cornelius & Anthony Cigars will join Logan and I this Thursday.  C&A releases have been met with rave reviews and Steven will give us an inside look at what we can expect from Cornelius & Anthony moving forward.  He'll take on your questions and ... yep... we have a few prizes.


CigarChat Episode 218 - Gurkha Cigars

July 7, 2016

Eddy Guerra, new marketing director for Gurkha Cigars, joins John and I tonight to talk about Gurkha.  Eddy will take on all your questions and we have a ton of prizes. 


CigarChat Episode 217 - Villiger Cigars

July 1, 2016

New Villiger President Rene Castaneda will will join Logan and I on the show this week.  Rene will fill us in on everything going on with Villiger and we'll have some great giveaways!


CigarChat Episode 216 - Drew Estate / Drew Diplomat

June 24, 2016

Sam Morales will join Logan and Rob to talk about the new Drew Diplomat program.  We know you all have questions.  Mega prizes, as usual.


CigarChat Episode 215 - Glynn Loope of CRA

June 17, 2016

Glynn will join Logan and I tonight to talk about everything that is going on with the FDA.  This may be the most important episode in CigarChat history.


CigarChat Episode 214 - Cubariqueno Cigars

June 10, 2016

Juan Cancel and Bill Ives will join Logan and I on CigarChat this week.  We'll talk about the success of the Protocol and what is on the horizon. 


CigarChat Episode 213 - Jason Wood of Miami Cigar & Company

June 3, 2016

Jason Wood will sit down will Logan and I to talk about all things Miami Cigar Co.  Jason will take on all your questions, so be sure to post them using the Q&A App.  We have a ton of MCC prizes up for grabs, as usual, so don't be late!


CigarChat Episode 213 - Viva Republica Cigars

May 27, 2016

Jason Holly will join John and I to talk about everything Viva Republica.  It has been awhile since we've had Jason on so we'll have a lot to cover.  There will be plenty of givevaeways (as usual) so get your questions posted through the Q&A app (no texts this week) to be entered to win!


CigarChat Episode 212 - Rob & Logan

May 20, 2016

Our monthly installment of the Rob and Logan show! Rob & Logan go off on the FDA announcement and the industry reaction.


CigarChat Episode 211 - IndianHead Cigars

May 3, 2016

Fabian will tell us all about IndianHead cigars and take on your questions. We'll talk about the La Galera Habano which happens to be one of my favorite cigars of the year so far!


CigarChat Episode 210 - Fable Cigars

April 29, 2016

Fable Cigars is celebrating the release of their first cigar called Fourth Prime.  The cigar is made at Nica Sueno and we'll talk to Matul and Sean about bringing a new cigar to market.  


CigarChat Episode 209 - CATS and CFW

April 22, 2016

We will have Storm from CATS and Cigars for Warriors with us to chat about CATS Fest 4 and what has been going on in the world of CFW.


CigarChat Episode 208 - L’Atelier Cigars

March 30, 2016

We've got the whole LAT crew joining us this week!  Casper, KC and Dan will take on all your questions!  Logan and I are just along for the ride!  We have some sweet giveaways, so get your questions posted!


CigarChat Episode 207 - Nomad Cigars

March 25, 2016

Fred Rewey will take on all your questions and offer up some nice giveaways!  Logan and I will argue about something.  You will learn something and be entertained.  What else is there?


CigarChat Episode 206 - Rob and Logan

March 15, 2016

Back by popular demand!!! Logan and I will take on all your questions! Surgeon will join us to BS about cigars and whatnot. They talk about new stuff they're smoking. Logan and Surgeon talk about the 'Mike Hunt' cigar project. There's some beer talk, and discussions about favorite cigars from 2015.


CigarChat Episode 205 - Crux Cigars

March 11, 2016

Logan and guest co-host Surgeon are going to sit down with Jeff from Crux Cigars. They'll talk about the new Crux Sports and catch up to see what's going on with the guys from Crux! You know there's going to be giveaways so get your questions in through the Q&A app!


CigarChat Episode 204 - Mombacho Master Blender Claudio Sgroi

March 4, 2016

Master Blender Claudio Sgroi will join us to talk about everything going on with Mombacho.  Claudio knows his tobacco, so bring your nerdiest questions!


CigarChat Episode 203 - LIVE from Esteli

February 26, 2016

Logan, John and the Cigar Safari crew will check in from the Drew Estate factory in Esteli, Nicaragua!  This promises to be a very fun show.  I'll do my pest to maintain some kind of order and ask your questions, but with a show like this, you never know.


CigarChat Episode 202 - Rob and Logan

February 19, 2016

We had some scheduling conflicts, so Logan and I are gonna go sans guest and BS with you all for a bit.  Should be fun!